The process of cleaning clothes in cleanrooms in Class 1,000 and Class 10,000 cleanrooms according to customer requirements

Clothes after pretreatment will be cleaned by a 2-door washing machine (One door is outside the pre-treatment room and one door is inside the cleanroom) with DI, EDI water source to ensure clean, pure capacity. Ecotech’s RO, EDI clean water plants up to 80m3 / h and reach 18.5mΩ in standard conditions.

The use of a 2-door washing machine helps prevent cross-contamination in the area before and after washing. After washing clothes are removed from the door in a cleanroom to ensure the cleanroom standards.

  • Cleanroom Clothes
  • Cleanroom Boots
  • Cleanroom Wipers
  • Cleanroom Fabric Glove

Install a water softener system to remove ions that cause secondary hardness in the water. Using Nano industrial RO membrane, thanks to high water pressure to purify all remaining solid molecules, ensuring the output is of pure purity.

EDI water – this process of removing ions in water by molecular electrolysis technology creates ultra-pure water for cleaning clean room clothes that require the highest standards. The result of EDI water can reach 18.5mΩ in standard conditions